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India Ranks No.1 in Zoom Downloads in April inspite of security Warnings

India Ranks No.1 in Zoom Downloads in April inspite of security Warnings

India accounted for the most downloads of the Zoom app video conferencing in April despite government warnings about its official use and various security issues, Sensor Tower said. According to the firm, Zoom overcame 131 million downloads last month, 18.2% of which came from India, followed by the US. Including Zoom, TikTok also saw huge growth last month, with more than 107 million downloads worldwide. India also contributed the most-22%-to TikTok downloads.

As people follow social distancing protocols in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, they have switched to video conferencing applications like Zoom and Google Meet not only to take care of their job responsibilities, but also to stay in contact with their friends and families. Zoom and other applications are now being used in simulated classrooms by the school, since students can not physically move to the computer during the lockdowns. This has contributed to the rapid proliferation of Zoom, which has seen its sales grow several times in the past several months. Zoom's popularity was not without problems and controversies, and even led to the creation of the term "zoombombing."

Such concerns prompted the government to warn its officials against using the device last month and to release a series against guidelines for the general public. In an advisory dated 12 April, the Cyber Coordination Center (CyCord) of the Ministry of Home Affairs highlighted security concerns about Zoom. Stressing that Zoom should not be used by government offices or officials for official purposes, CyCord added that it could still be used by individuals in their personal capacity. If they want to do so, they will follow best practices in terms of defense. Only India's Computer Emergency Response Force, the National Cyber Security Agency, cautioned against unguarded use of the device and released an advisory.

Amid reports on security issues and its ban by different organisations as well as countries, Zoom has announced that it is making a range of improvements to the software to improve protection and privacy. In the same deal, earlier this week, the company acquired the Keybase security startup to help make video calls via the end-to - end app encrypted.

Sensor Tower still maintains that Zoom became the world's most downloaded non-game device in April and saw a 60x year-on-year rise. In addition to India, Zoom downloads came from the US, accounting for 14.3 per cent of the total downloads. The firm released the most downloaded app list for April 2020 and includes TikTok, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger, minus Zoom. Google Meet and Microsoft Squad, the competing Zoom applications, are also on the list. Tiktok was the second most downloaded device last month, and India accounted for 22 percent of total TikTok downloads last month, led by the US with 9.4 percent.