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Google Meet is now open to all for free: here's how to use it

Google has publicly opened a Social Meet for all. Earlier, the company revealed that they would make the premium software accessible for anyone with a Gmail account. But now Google is working to merge Connect directly into Gmail. The tech giant plans to take over Zoom, a video conferencing platform that became increasingly popular during the coronavirus lockdown.

"We've re-engineered Google Meet, originally designed for secure business meetings, to make it free and available to everyone.After rendering Meet's enhanced functionality optional for both G Suite and G Suite for Education customers in March, we've seen a 30-fold rise in everyday use, with Meet hosting 3 billion minutes of video meetings a day. We reached around 3 million new users per day last month. That's why we're extending our service to more customers around the globe, "said Javier Soltero, Vice President & GM, G Suite in a blog post.

Anyone who has a Gmail account will sign up and make a video call to meet.google.com free of charge. "To make meetings ever more open and useful, you'll even be able to use Meet directly in Gmail in the coming days," Google's blog says. Here's how you can launch a video conference on the Google Meet app — If you're a G-Suite customer, you need to sign in to your G-Suite account before you initiate a chat. Non-G-Suite users can join Google Meet by signing in from their Gmail account. — So, after you have downloaded the Meet device from the PlayStore or AppStore. Enable the Meet device

—After launching the device, tap the plus icon to start a meeting or insert a meeting code if you have been invited to join another person. You may also enter G-Suite users by typing a nickname. — After filling all the necessary details, you can Tap on the Join Meeting option given there. — You can also arrange meetings by opening the Google Calendar software Google Meet has several advanced functionality such as scheduling and exchanging displays, real-time captions, and templates that you can select from as per the need, an extended tiled view — which provides a clearer view of the people linked via the device.

Google also introduced AI-powered predictive live captioning to allow Google Meet more available to people with hearing loss. "Google AI has now found it easier to have helpful functionality such as low-light mode, which will automatically change the video to render you more accessible to others," said Google Blog. Google Meet is accessible free of charge on the web at meet.google.com and through iOS or Android smartphone devices. Everyone who has a Gmail account should sign in to meet.google.com to enable their Meet account.